Sweat for Peace

The heat is certainly on this summer! Pranayama is a Sanskrit term for breath extension (pran = life force; ayam = to extend). Pranayama techniques are used by yogis to aid in a variety of physical and mental processes. Sitali (pronounced sit-all-ee) is a great technique to cool your breath and body. Try this next time you feel overheated in this Virginia summer!

  • Sit comfortably (in a chair or on the floor) with a straight spine.
  • Roll/curl your tongue into a U shape (if you’re unable to roll your tongue, you can smile with the top and bottom rows of your teeth touching).
  • Inhale deeply for a count of 3-5; the air will feel cooler than with a typical oral inhalation.
  • Close the mouth, and exhale through your nose.
  • Continue for a few minutes until you feel refreshed!