Miss Yogini Layton Grier:  Soothing…Giving…Driven

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Layton Grier… And we thought you should.

1.  Riding in my convertible- top down of course + jammin tunes

Makes me happy 😀 !

2.  Life’s too short to be mean spirited.  

Ain’t that the truth.

3.  #1 place I’d like to visit:  Africa.  Safari Style.

4.  Dark Chocolate + Red Wine are my guilty obsessions.  

All fab yogis have them.

5.  I started practicing yoga when I was 30, because I was going through a difficult time in my life.

6.  My life motto is keep it simple.

7.  One thing you wouldn’t have guessed about me is I’m a bit of a perfectionist, OCD…

NO junk drawers here.

8.  You can find me in my garden when I need to mellow out.

9.  Besides my keys/wallet/phone, I have sunglasses, ice breaker breath mints, and lip gloss in my purse right now.  Efficient.

10.  The person I call my Mentor is my father and

Cherie Cooper (Miss Yogini inspiration).

11.  When I grow up I want to be still young at heart.

12.  I keep coming back to the mat because it feeds my

body, mind, and soul.  Amen sister.

13.  Bakasana is my fave party trick.

14.  If I were in a circus I would be the trapeze artist.

15.  I’ve never learned how to play a musical instrument or speak a 2nd language.  But I’d like to.

16.  When I was little, I excelled at pleasing others and playing tennis.

17.  Sage Green is my signature color.

18.  I am consistently inspired by other yoga teachers and photographing beautiful faces and places.  

Check out her beautiful pics here!

19.  I am grateful for being a yoga instructor because I can help others find and experience the joy in their practice.

20.  I luv Om On because they make things easy for us instructors and we’re a close knit family.  

Merci Beaucoup Layton!