Elizabeth Sobka, RYT 200


  1. Yoga (teaching or practicing) gets me going in the morning.Elizabeth.Bio_MG_7150-1
  2. My secret spot/activity in RVA is my morning Americano at the Starbucks on Robinson.
  3. I always make the bed. 
  4. A great beach day makes me happy.
  5. 1 place I’d like to visit: Sweden. 
  6. Life’s too short to not forgive and forget.
  7. No matter what comes up, I always make time to for dinner dates. 
  8. My secret spot in RVA is Scuffletown Park in the Fan.
  9. The last time I laughed so hard I couldn’t stop was when my family got together for my brother’s wedding. Never a dull moment! 
  10. I am grateful that I am a yoga instructor because I never stop learning!
  11. Life is perfect when there is sunshine and a south wind on the Jersey Shore.
  12. I never learned how to roll my “R”s .
  13. I started practicing yoga when I was 18 as a way to stretch out after running.
  14. The tiny dark chocolate squares in the checkout line at Ellwood Thompson’s  is my guilty obsession.
  15. Venturing to Church Hill and splitting a pastry from the WPA Bakery is my favorite cheap thrill.
  16. I luv Om On because they took a chance on a brand new yoga teacher over two years ago – and I’m so glad they did! 
  17. My life motto/ mantra is “Everything happens the way it’s supposed to.” 
  18. I keep coming back to the mat because every day is a brand new experience and my practice always gives me exactly what I need, not necessarily what I want. Being on the mat is a truly humbling experience.
  19. I have a serious weakness for brunch food & beverages.
  20. One thing you wouldn’t have guessed about me is my two sports in high school were cheerleading and rugby.