Mackenzie Cherry, RYT 200


  1. Mackenzie.Bio_MG_6980-1Yoga or Group Physical Training gets me going in the morning.
  2. My secret spot/activity in RVA is walking my dog around the shops in Carytown.
  3. I always make the bed. 
  4. Sunlight and warm weather makes me happy.
  5. 1 place I’d like to visit: Italy. 
  6. Life’s too short to sit still.
  7. No matter what comes up, I always make time to for myself – I definitely need me time. 
  8. All you need is love. Of course!
  9. The last time I laughed so hard I couldn’t stop was it is constant.  Laughter may be the keys to a life well lived. 
  10. I am grateful that I am a yoga instructor because I learn so much from the students.  I also really love the bond that it created between teacher and student, student to student, and between the collective class as a whole. 
  11. When I close my eyes I see emptiness, and it is blissful. 
  12. I never learned how to ice-skate.
  13. I started practicing yoga when I was 21, because I was curious.
  14. Mimosas for Sunday breakfast is my guilty obsession.
  15. Getting a truffle from “For The Love of Chocolate” is my favorite cheap thrill.
  16. I luv Om On because of sangha! The community!
  17. My life motto/ mantra is “Practice and all is coming.” Pattabhi Jois said it best. 
  18. I keep coming back to the mat because I learn something new every day. I give to the practice and it gives back.
  19. I have a serious weakness for my husband’s cooking.
  20. One thing you wouldn’t have guessed about me is I used to operate a forklift in a warehouse.