Leslie Yoga Instructor


Leslie Lytle

1.  Dawn gets me going in the a.m.

2.  My secret spot in RVA is the river + rock hopping.

3.  #1 Place I’d like to visit:  go back to Glacier Nat’l Park.

4.  When I grow up I want to be a dancer.

5.  Life’s too short to not pursue your dreams.

6.  No matter what comes up I always make time for quiet time + contemplation.

7.  I started practicing yoga in my teens, and then again after my son was born to recover from birth.

8.  A good bottle of wine and dinner cooked at home are my favorite cheap thrills.

9.  The person I call my role model is Pema Chodron.

10.  Life is perfect when I’ve got a stretch of free time and nothing scheduled.

11.  My life motto is “keep moving all the time”.

12.  I am consistently inspired by a multitude of people who are working to make a difference in the world.

13.  I luv Om On because it’s a great little intimate studio with kind folks.

14.  I have a serious weakness for:  birth, skirts, boots, good sheets.

Leslie considers herself a “birth junkie” .  We think that fits an Om Mama well 🙂

15.  My favorite tunes for on and off the mat are Delta Blues, Jazz, and Gospel.

16.  If I were in the circus I’d be the Juggler.

17.  I’ve always wanted to thank my high school Biology Teacher for nuturing a whole cohort of scientists and instilling a lifelong love for the body in me.

18.  I’ve never learned how to be still for very long.

19.  H20 in the form of Waterfalls, streams, and bubbling brooks are music to my ears.

20.  One thing you wouldn’t guess about me is I spent the first 27 years of my life moving around.  20-30 places!

Wow and places like Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Japan.