Laura Ciccone McNeill, E-RYT 200, RYT 500

  1. No matter what comes up, I always make time for meditation, even if it’s a minute or two.
  2. My secret spot/activity in RVA is Lift on Broad & Dixie Doughnuts.
  3. Being with family and people, scrunched in small space tight and warm and cozy & yoga makes me happy.
  4. When I grow up I want to be – begin again, you don’t ever grow up right?
  5. I always/sometimes/never make the bed. Always, and if I don’t my husband does.
  6. Life’s too short to not let go.
  7. Morning is the best part of my day.
  8. All you need is – Love, of course.
  9. I started practicing yoga right after the birth of my daughter in 2001, because I left my career and moved to Boston. It was February, freezing cold with 108 inches of snow, and I didn’t know a soul. Forced isolation brought about my practice and woke me up to how there was this space in my life everyday that I was always too busy to visit.
  10. The person I call my Guru/Mentor/Role Model is: My brother (role model)
  11. Chocolate, Belgian Beer (random, I know, I’m just into it right now), Outerwear & Jeans are my guilty obsessions.
  12. Life is perfect when I get a lot of sleep and feel rested.
  13. My life motto/ mantra is “Let it go”.
  14. I am grateful that I am a yoga instructor because I get to share the gift of yoga with so many people and turn people onto something I believe in so much and I know can help each person in their own way.
  15. My proudest accomplishment is my daughter, Elle.
  16. The best nickname I’ve ever had was “Lou” or “Ciccone” (yes same as Madonna).
  17.  I am consistently inspired by my students who consistently show up and people who follow their dreams. It’s easy to get swallowed up and taken by other people and their dreams instead of following your own.
  18. In 20 years I hope to be practicing yoga and still being able to to do headstands and handstands with a big smile.
  19. Peaceful Warrior is on my nightstand waiting to be read.
  20. I’ve always wanted to thank my husband for putting up with me. He is so adaptable – I come home and say, “We don’t like milk anymore” and he’s like, “Okay, soy milk it is…”.