Jane Bahneman, E-RYT 500

0052_Jane_Bahneman copy

1. A 3 year old + coffee gets me going in the morning.

2. I started practicing yoga when I was 22 because I was “forced” to by my job requirements.

3. One thing you wouldn’t have guessed about is I’m terrified of heights. 

4. Life’s too short to watch TV.

5. I have a serious weakness for Chipotle. 

6. When I grow up, I want to be the person on the Travel Channel who hosts the “Best Travel Destination” shows.

7. #1 Place I’d like to visit: France.

8. Bags/purses are my guilty obsession.

9. Life is perfect when I have no schedule.
10. If I were in the circus, I would be the emcee who releases the animals to freedom. 

11. Fierce Medicine is on my nightstand waiting to be read.

12. When I was little, I excelled at swinging. (I won an award in pre-school. 🙂 “Super Swinger.” I’m not joking!)

13. My favorite tunes for off the mat are: country tunes. 

14. I’ve never learned how to horseback ride. 

15. You can find me on the ocean and offline when I need to mellow and unwind.

16. All you need is a comfy nest and people you love.

17.I love Om On because of the people I’ve met- awesome!

18. My proudest accomplishment is being a mama. 

19. I’ve always wanted to thank my mom and dad for everything. 

20. My life motto/mantra is Be Amazing. Be Incredible. Be a miracle and a dream come true.