1. No matter what comes up, I always make time for my son Jonah.

Right on J!


2.  YOGA makes me happy.

us too!


3.  #1 place I’d like to visit: India.


4.  When I grow up I want to be awesome.


5.  When I close my eyes I see endless possibilities.


6.  Teaching yoga class is the best part of my day.


7.  Handstands in random places (preferably on random chairs in bars) are my favorite cheap thrill.

We’d luv to be there when to see it!


8.  I started practicing yoga when I was 28, because I was searching for something.


 9.  The person I call my Guru/Mentor/Role Model is: Sifu Tyrone Staton, Nora Vimala Pozzi and all the great gurus and Masters.


10.  Life is perfect when we recognize it.


11.  My life motto is keep it movin!


12.  I keep coming back to the mat because it keeps calling me.


13.  I am grateful that I am a yoga instructor because I don’t think I’m meant to do anything else.

Your students don’t think so either!


14.  One thing you wouldn’t have guessed about me is I procrastinate.


15.  My proudest accomplishment is yet to come.


16.  I am constantly inspired by great people who do great things.


17.  Teaching Yoga is in my backpack waiting to be read.


18.  I luv Om On because the students are the best!


19.  Bakasana to Adho Mukha Vrksasana and back is my best party trick.


20.  I’ve never learned how to camp.


Many, many thanks J!