1. Coffee gets me going in the morning J Miles, Asana in Action
  2. No matter what comes up, I always make time for my people.

  3. Jonah B [my son] makes me happy.

  4. I always/sometimes/never make the bed.

  5. Life’s too short to worry.

  6. When I close my eyes I see possibilities.

  7. Morning is the best part of my day,

  8. All you need is Love.

  9. Arm balances and Acro are my favorite cheap thrill.

  10. I started practicing yoga when I was 30 because I read the Bhagavad Gita (philosophically) and because I wanted increased flexibility (physically).

  11. The person I call my Guru/Mentor/Role Model is: every person I meet.

  12. Internet sports articles are my guilty obsession(s).

  13. Life is perfect when you’re in the flow.

  14. My life motto/ mantra is One Love!

  15. I am grateful that I am a yoga instructor because it has allowed me to be exactly who I’m supposed to be.

  16. My proudest accomplishment is in the making.

  17. I crave simplicity when it comes to beauty + clothing.
  18. In 20 years I hope to be madly in love with life.
  19. The Mahabharata is on my nightstand waiting to be finished.
  20. The best nickname I’ve ever had was The Wizard.