10.  Nature walks, Mountain views, and spa accommodations, oh my!

9.   Twice daily yoga will melt away your stress and ease any tension.

8.  Morning meditations in the peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains will surely help you find your Third Eye.

7.  Delicious whole foods will help you reset your cravings + taste buds.

6.  A little journaling may just help you manifest your wildest dreams + intentions.

5.  We could all use a bit of reflective time to unwind and reset.

4.  Indulgent spa treatments will give you a sprinkling of luxury to suit your fancy.

3.  Balance and Replenishment will be the goals of the week.

2.  No to-do lists allowed.

1.  When was the last time you planned an Escape for You to Rejuvenate and Relax?

Escape with us


 Lacy + Kelly

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